French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm

One of Paris’s main thoroughfares, the Champs-Elysees, has been covered in earth and turned into a huge green space in an event staged by young French farmers.

They want to highlight their financial problems, caused by falling prices for agricultural produce.

Plants, trees and flowers were brought in by lorry overnight to transform the avenue into a long green strip.

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Picasso: War, peace and a life of extremes

For Picasso, painting was a weapon – to be wielded on the side of communism. Adrian Searle revels in Tate Liverpool’s killer new show about the man and his politics – by Adrian Searte –

Art and power … Pablo Picasso looks at a picture of Stalin in 1949. Photograph: AFP/Getty

Paris art museum theft the work of lone robber

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Immovable feasts

Have you ever successfully recreated a fondly-remembered holiday dish or had a disappointing experience ordering one in a restaurant?

A sushi lunch at Nakata restaurant in the Ginza area of Tokyo. Photograph: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

I have a dilemma, one which might not seem particularly pressing to normal, well adjusted people and which, I am ashamed to say, marks me out as an insufferable food snob. Having eaten sushi in Japan I just can’t bring myself to eat it in Britain any more.

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Mesterséges életet hozott létre egy amerikai tudós

Csütörtökön jelent meg a sajtóban egy óriási hír, amelyet a Wall Street Journal a „biológia új korszakának” nevezett: az emberiség képes élettelenből életet előállítani. 15 év munka, és rengeteg befektetett pénz után Craig Wenter és tudóstársai egy mesterséges organizmust hoztak létre: először megtervezték a számítógép segítségével, majd a laborban életre keltették. A kutató az új élőlénytől forradalmi tulajdonságokat remél – közelebb van ennek megvalósulásához, mint valaha volt.


Craig Venter creates synthetic life form… – The Guardian

Craig Venter and his team have built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporated it into a cell to make what they call the world’s first synthetic life form

A maverick, headline-grabbing biologist with an ego the size of a planet or a brilliant researcher who has succeeded in creating life? A bit of both, actually…

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