Homeopathy is a black magic- Says British Medical Association

British Medical Association has announced that homeopathy is a black magic and must not be paid by National Health Service. Numerous members of BMA have had given supportive statement to this announcement and are not in favor of any alternative medics.

The BMA has shown some doubts about homoeopathy, and raising allegations that the governing body, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence must examine the facts and make a perfect declaration about the use of the medication in the NHS. The yearly symposium of junior doctors has gone ahead, with a vote tremendously supporting an extensive ban, and an end to all appointments for novice doctors which educate them homeopathic ideology.

BMA’s junior doctor’s committee deputy chairperson Dr Tom Dolphin has said in discussion that Homeopathy is black magic kind of thing. This must be noted that there is a National Hospital for Homeopathy which is patronized by the NHS.

Whatever may be the study, Homeopathy aids numerous people who are not facilitated by conventional care. Crystal Sumner, chief executive of the British Homeopathic Association has said they don’t want to replace the conventional care. Governing bodies should think about public fulfillment and notice that homoeopathy has its own position in medicine before stopping the funds.

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